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Why killing your content marketing makes the most sense

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The problem is, put, out of control. Just because a company or individual can create and distribute content on a platform doesn’t mean they should. But it’s happening… and it’s killing content marketing strategies around the globe.

I’ve had the opportunity to analyze content marketing strategies from huge brands, desperately trying to build audiences online leveraging content marketing. In almost every case, each one made the same mistake.

When an organization decides to fund a content marketing strategy, the initial stages are always exciting. Deciding which audience and content niche to target is an exhausting process, but once complete, the company is ready to create content…everywhere.

Should we do a blog? Check. How about a YouTube video series? Yes, to that. Podcast? Sure. TikTok series? Why not. Email newsletter? I guess so. Then add about five other social media channels, and you have yourself a content marketing strategy. Just not a good one.

According to Content Marketing Institute research, the average enterprise creates content between 14 and 16 different platforms. Succeeding in this kind of strategy is like winning the lottery. It just won’t happen. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

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