Shh! Amazon just released these high-quality KN95s—and they’re made in the U.S.

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Shopping for a KN95 mask can be an exercise in good faith. Right now, the market is flooded with knockoffs, making it tough to know which are the real deal. Many are also made abroad, so it can be tricky to know exactly where a mask is sourced from.

Well, a new KN95 mask just hit Amazon—and it’s made in America. It’s called the BNX KN95 mask, and you can currently snag a 20-pack for $40. Amazon just started selling these masks days ago, and they’re an as-yet-undiscovered gem online.

In case you’re not familiar with KN95 masks, they’re the Chinese version of an N95. They have a similar look, feel, and level of protection as N95 masks. But, since the CDC still recommends that N95 masks be reserved for healthcare workers, KN95 masks are the next best option.

These masks are made in Houston, Texas, by BNX Converting, LLC, a NIOSH-approved manufacturer of N95 covers. And like, N95 masks, they block at least 95 percent of airborne particles. (Worth noting: Field testing showed the acts protected against 99 percent of airborne particles.)

The masks, which include an active filter layer of ultra-high grade melt-blown polypropylene, feature an adjustable metal nose piece and latex-free elastic ear loops for a secure fit to help block out particles. A nice perk: The ear loops are sonically bonded to ensure they last.

The masks even come individually wrapped and fold flat to let you conveniently store them in your bag or glove box for future use. Again, not many people know about these masks—yet. If you’re looking for a high-quality KN95 cover that’s made in the U.S., scoop these up…while they’re still in stock.

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