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Porsche marks birthday with stunning 911 GT3 Touring

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This is the must-have accessory for millionaire car enthusiasts in 2021. Porsche’s 911 GT3 Touring is back, combining the purebred race car heart of its range-topping sports car with natural looks and a better-appointed cabin for life on the road.

Car lovers around the globe know that the 911 GT3 is the purist’s Porsche. It’s the only 911 available with a manual transmission and the only model with the heart of a race car. The 4.0-liter six-cylinder motor with 375kW shuns turbos to rev to an ear-shattering 9000rpm, replicating the soundtrack of victories at the Nurburgring, Le Mans, Bathurst, and beyond.

The standard 911 GT3 comes with a truly enormous “swan neck” rear wing, racing roll cage, and six-point harnesses that are at home on the track but a little over-the-top on the street.

This is where the Touring comes in, deleting the racer’s spoiler to serve up the 911’s timelessly smooth silhouette. Leather replaces suede-like material in the cabin, and more comfortable seats join other pleasant touches.

The Touring isn’t the fastest Porsche on sale, but it represents the connoisseur’s choice. It costs the same as the regular track-themed model – $369,600 plus on-road costs. Customers who want more pork on their fork can choose a special anniversary edition celebrating seven decades of Porsche in Australia. It represents the first Australia-specific Porsche and the first country-specific spin-off based on its high-performance “GT” models.

As such, the 70th-anniversary Australian model will be sought after by collectors and high-performance enthusiasts, particularly as the regular GT3 is a rare car that can be difficult to secure.

The limited-edition 911 GT3 70 Years Porsche Australia Edition comes in a particular shade of “fish silver” initially found in the first batch of Porsches brought to Australia in 1951.

It also has two-tone silver wheels, lightweight carbon fiber seats in a mix of leather and retro cloth, special badges, and other niceties such as a customized car cover.

The Australian edition is loaded with a standard kit including extended leather trim, a Bose stereo, ambient lighting, and unique LED headlights. Clever front suspension can raise the car’s nose away from the ground. Customers keen to get hold of one should immediately contact their dealer, as demand for the particular GT3 is likely to be strong.

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