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Facebook U-turn RACQ quiz confuses Australian drivers

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Hundreds of drivers struggled to correctly answer a question about one tricky road rule after a motoring organization posted it. Drivers have been left stumped after being posed a challenging road rule quiz involving a lesser-known driving maneuver. Queensland motoring organization the RACQ asked motorists on Wednesday to identify how one vehicle should correctly execute a legal U-turn when three other people were involved.

In a graphic shared with Facebook, a red vehicle indicated its desire to execute a U-turn. Still, there was a blue car, cyclist, and pedestrian in its immediate surroundings. The blue car needed to turn into the same lane already occupied by a cyclist and attempting to be crossed by the pedestrian. “The red car wants to perform a legal U-turn; who do they need to give way to before they can?” RACQ asked.

While the correct answer was clear to some, most people who responded majorly missed the mark. Many guess the red car just needed to give way to the cyclist and the pedestrian, while several argued there was no way the U-turn could be considered legal.

“Well, that’s pretty clear; the cyclist needs to merge left off the road entirely; the pedestrian needs to wait until it’s clear before crossing. Then the blue car first followed by the red car,” one of the wrong responses read. “Blue car gives way because [it’s] not on the main road,” another incorrect driver wrote.

“Give way to the cyclist. The pedestrian can wait because they aren’t on a zebra crossing,” a third wrong response read. RACQ later updated the post to explain the correct order, highlighting how poorly some drivers often interpret the road rules.

It explained the red car needed to give way to the cyclist, pedestrian, and the blue car before executing its U-turn. “The cyclist can continue straight ahead as the pedestrian is not at a designated pedestrian or children’s crossing,” the answer read.

“The blue car gives way to the pedestrian, who is at or near the intersection crossing the road they are entering. The red car must give way to all vehicles and pedestrians when doing a U-turn.”

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