Best Anime Anthologies To Watch

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With the release of Star Wars: Visions, an interest in anime anthologies is bound to be generated. The scope is extensive for anime anthology films and series as they incorporate themes from sci-fi, horror, and local Japanese folklore. Barring a few American productions like Love, Death, & Robots, most of these anime anthologies result from Japanese animation. Still, they are regarded as cult classics all over the globe.

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The fluid actions and rich environments behind such anthologies make for a perfect binge session. The short duration of the episodes and film segments make the viewing experience more user-friendly.

10 Star Wars: Visions (2021) – Available On Disney+

From samurai-style lightsaber duels to musical performances for Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars: Visions has a lot of new experiences to offer to dedicated fans of the franchise. The animation varies from realistic to cartoonish, but the Japanese roots of anime remain intact.

When George Lucas was directing the first Star Wars film, the BBC reports he was inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s landmark samurai films like Hidden Fortress. And now, this Lucasfilm production seems like the perfect tribute to Japanese culture and anime.

9 Flavors Of Youth (2018) – Available On Netflix

Flavors Of Youth is a set of three stories set in China, using food as a metaphor. Each character reminiscences about a specific youthful memory as the film celebrate beauty in life’s everyday monotony.

If viewers wish to unwind and watch an aesthetically pleasing anime anthology, Flavors Of Youth would be a perfect pick. Its segments can even be compared to an emotional Studio Ghibli film experience barring the fact that the narrative is devoid of fantasy elements. Instead, it brings out humor and romance within mundane experiences of love, friendship, and family.

8 Love, Death, & Robots (2019-) – Available On Netflix

The short segments in the two seasons of Love, Death & Robots serve as bizarre and surreal tributes to the sci-fi genre as a whole. Even though the Netflix original sci-fi show also uses other animation formats like cel-shaded and CGI, the cyberpunk anime aesthetic heavily influences a few significant episodes.

“Good Hunting” is an excellent example as it incorporates the steampunk genre to tell the story of a young inventor’s friendship with a fox spirit. “The Witness” is another episode that plays out like a new-age 3D anime, filled with chaotic energy and adrenaline-heavy chase sequences.

7 Memories (1995) – Available On Peacock

Three sci-fi stories make up this cult classic of an anthology film. Each of the movies is directly inspired by executive producer Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga short stories. The themes that Memories cover include artificial intelligence and the downside of nuclear weapons. If one chapter is about a simulated world built out of a woman’s memories, the other is about a town that fires cannons at an unknown enemy every day.

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