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A Tesla has trapped 10 cars in a Westfield carpark after the battery died

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A hi-tech electric car has broken down at the worst possible time, trapping motorists for hours inside a shopping center carpark. A Tesla has trapped motorists in a shopping center car park after the vehicle ran out of battery at the worst possible time.

Motorists were stuck at the exit of the five-story Westfield car park in London after the vehicle ran out of charge while trying to exit the building. The story went viral on Reddit after a user called Henry posted about the long wait time.

“Perfect, a Tesla ran out of battery and stopped at the ramp of a five-story car park at Westfield. It has been three hours and counting,” he said. The Reddit user-added photos to the thread as the wait continued– with one showing cars looping around the sloped spiral exit ramp.

The Teslas have a similar range as petrol-powered cars. The Model S – which appeared to cause the delays – can travel 580km on one charge. This further infuriated readers on the Reddit post about the delay.

“Considering the huge range these cars have, there’s no excuse for this.” One wrote, “Especially as the cars still have quite a bit of range (10-20 miles) even after hitting 0 percent. The driver had plenty of warning.” Another agreed.

“Westfield even has a large capacity Tesla charging station, lol. “But yeah, like others say, over 3 hours is terrible management IMO. Get an extension lead at that point.

A spokesperson for Westfield told The Sun there were about ten vehicles stuck behind the Tesla. “A customer’s Tesla vehicle broke down on the entry ramp of the car park at around 6 pm due to an empty battery,” they said. “Westfield London’s car park team assisted the broken down vehicle and guided ten vehicles that were behind the Tesla around it. “Tesla car park assistance then arrived on-site to support the broken down vehicle.”

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